ETMobile System

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The system is designed to handle the increasingly diversified demands of eye tracking in a variety of applications including Sports, Kinesiology, Driving, Market Research, Reading, Safety & Training, Social Interaction, Neuroscience, Mobile Device Usability, and much more...The participant wears lightweight ETMobile glasses that fit comfortably with unoccluded periperal vision, and flexibility to fit all facial shapes and sizes. The glasses are connected to a small data recording/transmission unit (DTU) that can be easily carried by the participant on a belt loop, or worn as a small back or lumbar pack. The data can be monitored and recorded using a real-time Wi-Fi connection to a laptop PC, or can be recorded locally by the DTU (unit carried by the subject) for later playback. The ETMobile system can integrate with numerous commercially available position tracking systems to implement the Argus Science ET3Space function.ET3Space is used to find line of gaze with respect to real environment 3 Space coordinates, and point of gaze with respect to multiple physical surfaces in the environment.

System Components

  • Glasses with optics (76g)
  • Portable wireless Data Transmit Unit (DTU)
  • EyeVision software
  • Laptop with wireless reception