Basic Biofeedback Software Module

Model: 73100

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Breathing relaxation training is carried out with the aid of a bar, the length of which varies with the subject's breathing movements. Abdominal and / or chest breathing is measured by means of a breathing belt or of a system of two such straps. The program supplies information about the client's pattern of breathing. The aim of training is to develop a habit of relaxed abdominal breathing.

This function makes it possible to display any required parameters in line-graph form, either one at a time or simultaneously. It can be used either just for data recording or for training. Lines (multi-feedback) feedback should always be provided before a biofeedback session. This enables the client to become accustomed to the situation, provides a measurement baseline, and enables the correct positioning of the sensors to be checked. Simple training programs can be set up by introducing changes in the display background (background picture or color) or by using music (either background music incorporated in the program, or from a CD).

The threshold (line) represents a target level which the client aims to reach. If the client succeeds in getting the parameter readings to pass the threshold level depending on the aim of the training - he or she, is rewarded with positive stimuli. The reward takes the form of sounds, music or (in the case of children) fairy-tales. Audio warning signals can be set to sound if the readings move in the wrong direction.

This type of feedback is provided using a circular image. In vasoconstriction training (migraine therapy) this provides feedback about the blood flow in the temporal artery. The aim of training is to make the size of the displayed circle as small as possible. The theoretical basis of this is that migraines are caused by a powerful rush of blood in the head; by deliberately constricting the blood vessels a migraine attack can be avoided.

Changes in readings are fed back acoustically, by variations in the pitch of a sound. The training can be carried out either with the simultaneous use of a background picture or without any visual display (black screen). Acoustic feedback is particularly appropriate to the regulation of breathing and skin conductance.


  • Database: Storage of all client data, session data,readings, notes, comments and records of conversations, data import, and export functions.
  • Settings: Authorization of access, adaptation of visual displays (if required).
  • Therapy library: Contains all available programs with short descriptions.
  • Session preselection: Enables individual training programs to be drawn up.
  • Sensors position: Detailed instructions for placement of the electrodes.
  • Help: Consists of two online manuals (Technical assistance relating to the program and Therapeutic assistance containing general information on biofeedback), as well as online-help accessed via the program's user interface.
  • Background pictures: A selection of different background pictures and colors means that training sessions can be modified for different individuals. Personal pictures can be implemented.
  • Background music: Using music from the program or from a CD can optimize the training effect.
  • Marker setting: The marker function makes it possible to note events that take place during the session and to add comments.


  • Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (x32 or x64)
  • Pentium or compatible 1.5 GHz processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics card (suitable to play videos)
  • 16-bit sound card (suitable to play MIDI-files) with speakers and/or headphones
  • DVD drive
  • 1 GB of free hard disk space
  • Mouse, keyboard
  • 1 USB port for the radio pyramid (in case radio modules are used)
  • Serial ports for physio-recorder, marker cable or for control of an external device (ports only necessary if used)

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