Head Mounted Eye Tracking

Model: ASLH6

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ASL's eye camera optics are housed on a lightweight, easy to adjust headband that allows the participant to gaze freely in their environment with unrestricted freedom of head movement.


The monocle (''hot mirror'') is attached to an adjustable head band with a flexible boom arm. This allows you to adjust the monocle to reduce spectacle reflections and decrease challenges with corrective lenses.

Unlike rigid stock attachments, the ASL flexible boom arm allows you the ability to position the mirror to various angles. The eye image and scene image with superimposed gaze cursor are constantly displayed on the EYE-TRAC(R) PC interface monitor for your feedback and video collection.

System Components

  • Head Mounted Optics (339g)
  • Eye-Trac 6 Control Unit (DTU)
  • Control software
  • Eye.Track Desktop or Laptop