Professional Conversation Protection System

Model: AA77100

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The Professional Conversation Protection System is effective against any known audio surveillance equipment, including analog and digital RF bugs, GSM and telephone infinity bugs, spread-spectrum transmitters, remote-controlled transmitter, passive transponders, carrier current transmitters, IR transmitters, directional microphones, passive/wired microphones, amplified microphones, laser microphones, analog and digital voice recorders, wall contact microphones etc.

Each user is provided with a special patented headphone setup which includes both microphone and insulated headphones. The special headphone setup must be worn by each user and is securely connected to the system. Once each user is correctly connected to the system a series of switches allows the controller to independently manage, control and supervise the connections, listening and talking levels for each user. It is even possible to allow connected users to carry on private conversations within the system. 

Once the Professional Conversation Protection System is turned on a powerful AM/FM modulated volumetric acoustic barrier is emitted, suppressing any kind of audio interception device anywhere inside or outside the room. Airborne acoustic waves become over modulated and reach any recording device in a completely jammed state leaving nothing on the recording but indistinguishable noise. Special disposable video filters are provided for each user to wear to prevent video recording of lip movements as well. 

The only option allowed for voice recoding is from the included outlet on the device. The recording cannot take place surreptitiously as all users can see what is connected to the device. The system is completely portable and carefully disguised into an ordinary looking executive briefcase. It is powered by high capacity rechargeable batteries and is available in both 4 and 8 person models.

  • System Type: portable total countermeasure system
  • Number of Simultaneous Users: Basic model - 4, EX model - 8
  • Simplex and Duplex
  • Conversation Modes: one-to-one, one-to-all, all-to-one, all-to-all
  • Independent controls for each user
  • Suppression Type: Volumetric acoustic barrier with modulated frequency and amplitude
  • Coverage: Large meeting room
  • Operating Time: 6 to 8 hours continuous depending on settings
  • Weight: 6-12 kilograms depending on product version
  • Size: Executive leather briefcase
  • Battery charger included