Portable Eavesdropping Protection Package

Model: AA77123

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The Portable Eavesdropping Protection Package is a complete, compact, portable eavesdropping protection system designed for offsite or occasional applications. It offers the ability to quickly secure an environment against human and electronic eavesdropping, as well as advanced signal recovery techniques. The non-deterministic soundmasking signal can be layered with additional sources, such as music, nonsense syllables, and misinformation. This creates a complex signal that renders eavesdropping and signal recovery methods ineffective, providing an environment safe for sensitive information to be discussed. The system consists of a Soundmasking Generator/Mixer/Amplifier (model AA77122), eight (8) soundmasking devices, standard RCA-type phono plug connector cables to daisy-chain the entire system, and a flight-approved, and atmosphere compensating Pelican Protector Case. The AA77123 is effective when DCID requirements for SCIF need to be met in offsite or occasional applications.

The AA77123 is a rugged, field-proven unit that generates a Gaussian random, non-deterministic soundmasking signal that can be switched between pink and white noise. The mixer section of the AA77123 allows one to layer the soundmasking signal with other sources, such as music, nonsense syllables, or misinformation, to further impede signal recovery techniques. The amplifier section delivers 40 Watts by means of 70-Volt distribution, making system management as easy as plugging up to 40 soundmasking devices on a single daisy-chain using standard RCA-type phono plug cables. The Portable Eavesdropping Protection Package's soundmasking devices are small and inconspicuous. The devices can be adhered directly onto a variety of surfaces utilizing a readily available peel-n-stick adhesive. They are easily removed, leaving no adhesive residue or evidence of their presence. They feature two standard phono jacks, which either jack can be used as the input or throughput. The system is contained and transported in a "mil-spec" grade, flight-approved, atmosphere compensating Pelican Protector Case. The case meets Military Standard C 41501 requirements and is virtually indestructible. The case has a lifetime warranty through its manufacturer.

This product is manufactured by the leader in soundmasking worldwide. They have been in business since 1975 and continue to be on the leading edge of soundmasking research. Applications for this product include eavesdropping protection for government agencies, police stations, business offices, VIP residences, and any other area where sensitive conversations take place. This system's flexibility and portability make it perfect for securing unfamiliar locations and meetings from eavesdropping ears.

  • 20.5"x 9.125" x 17.625" (52.1 x 23.2 x 44.8 cm)
  • Material: Polymer construction
  • Color: Matte black finish
  • Output: 70.7 Volts, 40 Watts
  • Additional information is available to qualified security professionals
  • Warranty: Three (3) years on hardware and workmanship
  • Shipping Weight: 30 lb (13.6 kg)