mindBEAGLE (Consciousness assessment & communication)

Model: DLRR201706

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Over 40% of patients diagnosed as vegetative are reclassified as (at least) minimally conscious when assessed by expert teams. g.tec now introduces a new tool called mindBEAGLE ® that uses BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) technology for quick and easy assessment of DOC patients and even provides basic communication with some of them. A BCI detects changes in brain activity induced by the user’s mental activity. The EEG (Electroencephalogram) is used to measure brain signals, which are automatically analysed and classified on a standard laptop. Brain’s electrical activity may provide the only direct path to a patient’s mental state assessment. The mindBEAGLE® system consists of a portable medical grade biosignal amplifier, an EEG cap with active electrodes, a standard laptop computer with the mindBEAGLE® software, in-ear phones for auditory stimulation and vibro-tactile stimulators to be attached to the patient’s body.