45mg Pellet Dispenser for Modular Chamber

Model: 80209M

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This 45mg Pellet Dispenser uses the latest design features to provide consistent and reliable pellet delivery. It can easily be converted to other pellet sizes and made even more reliable with an optional pellet drop detector. It is mounted to a modular panel and is supplied with a short length of tubing for easy connection to a variety of receptacle or reward areas.

The dispenser has been designed and extensively tested for use with most popular brands and sizes of food pellets. The dispenser is supplied with a standard disk that is suitable for 45mg pellets only. Alternative disks suitable for 14 or 20 mg pellets may be ordered separately. The optional drop detector is also sold separately.

Connections to the dispenser are made via the 5 way terminal block on the edge of the control printed circuit board. Connections are as follows:

  1. Status (Low = 0V, High = 24/28V)
  2. Error (Low = 0V, High = 24/28V)
  3. 0V (GND)
  4. Operate
  5. +24/28 V DC